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Erica Lane Enterprises, Inc.
Resource Efficiency Manager

Date posted: Friday, November 02, 2018

Job Details:
  • Provide services to identify opportunities and provide workable solutions to reduce utility costs, consumption, and demand.
  • Provide comprehensive demand-side management energy reduction services to support the mission and the ongoing energy program.
  • Goal is to reduce the overall utility costs and consumption by reducing energy intensity by at least 3 percent per year and water consumption intensity by at least 2 percent per year.
  • Support repair and construction activities including providing design review: project management support: construction coordination and oversight: and other support activities to ensure that energy efficient measures are incorporated into new construction, repair and renovation projects.
  • Work closely with the Contracting Officer's Representative installation energy manager.
  • Use information management systems, spreadsheets, advanced meter data, utility billing databases, and expertise to identify and help correct anomalies in facility energy and water use.
  • Provide an economic analysis, as needed, to help justify funding to address complex problems.
  • Use the Energy Management Control System (EMCS) and other information management systems to identify apparent energy anomalies in the installation facilities.
  • Work with energy managers and shop personnel to field check and diagnose problems.
  • Work with DPW to update supply databases for equipment purchased under the Energy Star label and/or Federal Energy Management Program.
  • Provide assistance in energy reporting and planning, to include input to the Army Energy and Water Reporting System, the annual energy Report, the long-range energy plan, and energy security plans.
  • Assist in the development of an effective network of facility managers and building energy monitors.
  • Provide written recommendations on ways to operate more efficiently.
  • Support services shall include design review, commissioning, operations and maintenance, and LEED review.
  • Develop re-commissioning/retro-commissioning plans for building heating, ventilation, and cooling systems.
  • Develop and sustain an effective energy awareness, incentive, and suggestion program.
  • Support utility demand reduction.
  • Conduct energy audits.
  • Provide renewable energy support.
  • Identify, implement, and support energy projects.

    Required Skills and Experience:

  • Candidate shall possess a 4 year degree (mechanical or electrical engineering) and/or a PE with a minimum of 3 years’ experience in energy management.
  • CEM Certification is Required, PE desirable
  • Experience in Project Management, Project Development, and Project Facilitation.
  • Knowledge of utility rate/tariff structures to include the ability to evaluate the accuracy of utility billings and to determine if the installation is currently on the most beneficial rate structure/tariff.
  • Effective written and oral communication.
  • Strong Microsoft skills (Word, Excel, Access, Project, PowerPoint).

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Specialties Desired:

BSME + Experience
CEM Certified Energy Manager
Energy Manager
P.E. Professional Engineer

Marie Bagwill, Human Resources Manager
Erica Lane Enterprises, Inc.
3226 Bob Wallace Avenue SW
Huntsville AL 35805
United States
Phone: 256.536.7117  ext. 160
Fax: 256.536.7133

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